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Projected Points for the game:

  • Advanced Combat System: The full game will feature an advanced combat system that will involve strategic times to swing your sword, evasive maneuvering, advanced enemy AI, and many weapons to chose from.  
  • Parkour Lite System: Yol will need to get from set to to set and there may be many obstacles in his way. He will be able to wall jump, slide, and hang on almost any surface.  
  • 50+ Collectible Mask: There will be over 50 unique mask to collect for the main story or from various side quests. Each mask will have an unique property and you will gain bonuses for collecting so many masks.  
  • 7 Unique Bosses: There are seven deadly sins so there will be 7 deadly bosses that Yol must fight in order to escape the strange world.  
  • 7 Explorable Sets: With each boss there is a corresponding set that you must explore to get to the boss and escape the strange world.  
  • Choose How to Win: The puzzles in the various sets will have many ways to beat them, by either fighting your way through, sneaking and parkouring around, or use the right mask at the right time.

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Grimm-A-Theatrical-Tale.zip 74 MB

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